About Sunnybank

Sunnybank, a private residence, was built in 1894, and is now lovingly restored. Its English-style Victorian secret garden began to take shape over a quarter century ago. Everything - including brick walls, fences, doors, and door art - has been handcrafted by us.
After 26 years, I am focusing much more on spending time with my husband and family, going on outings, etc. Therefore, the hours are now going to be less reliable - the garden will be open when the sign out front says it is. If you need to plan a visit for a larger group or tour, you should email me for a specific day and time and I'll be happy to accommodate you.
The secret garden is no longer available for functions such as weddings and other celebrations.

There is no charge to visit the garden. Children must be in hand, and no strollers or pets are allowed. Please notify us ahead of time if a wheelchair is to be used.  Always ring the bell, which is located at the east (and only) entrance to the garden, to let us know we have visitors.

The house is not open to the public except by personal appointment.

Sunnybank's garden has been featured in the April '99 issue of Midwest Living Magazine, and in the May/June 2003 issue of Northern Home.

The Garden in 2018